Femtonics Motorized Tilting Objective for Two-Photon Microscopes

Femtonics Tilting Objective is available as an upgrade to all Femtonics two-photon microscopes. The unit gives flexible objective positioning with a high degree of freedom and precision and so is primarily useful for in vivo experiments, intravital imaging, deep brain imaging in rodents or even non human primates.

Femtonics Tilting Objective is driven by two motors which rotate the objective around horizontal and vertical axes. The movements are controlled by the software and by the handwheel unit.

The motorized tilting module rotates the objective, giving a higher level of freedom to reach the sample from different angles. The module also includes a Piezo objective positioner, ensuring additional movement of the objective in the Z direction.

The Tilting Objective can be equipped to all members of the FEMTOSmart product line (FEMTOSmart-Galvo, FEMTOSmart-Resonant and FEMTOSmart-Dual).


  • 180º rotation around the horizontal axis
  • 100º rotation around the vertical axis
  • Speed of rotation: 4º/sec
  • Unidirectional repeatability: less than 0.02 mrad (~2 µm)
  • Z movement with piezo objective positioner module: 400 µm
  • Transmission over 80% (700-1100 or 900-1300 nm)
  • Accepts both conventional and large back aperture objectives
  • Green illumination module
  • Maximum number of mounted detectors: 3



This product is manufactured by Femtonics - Advanced Microscopy.

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