FemtoSmart Two-Photon Microscope

FemtoSmart two-photon microscope

The FemtoSmart from Femtonics is the first in a new generation of two-photon microscopes which have been designed with a specially elevated body that results in a small footprint of only 250x250 mm. This ensures there is a large space below the objective for complete freedom in positioning the sample but also enables the user to accomdate a host of in-vivo accessories.

The system is designed so the objective can move in a 50 mm range in the Z direction and the microscope body can move in an XY direction around the base  up to 50 mm. To increase mobility the FemtoSmart can also be equipped with a tilting objective.

The modularity of this microscope Femtonics to assemble the primary components, then recombine and upgrade the setup with various modules in order to meet the researcher’s needs. The FemtoS-Galvo applies patented and flexible ROI scanning methods while the FemtoS Resonant is capable of capturing images at 31 frames per second. The FemtoS-Dual microscope combines features of the two distinct  microscopes providing the highest level of flexibility for versatile experimental protocols.


  • in-vivo deep tissue imaging down to 850um
  • Elevated body with low footprint 250x250mm
  • Scanner options : Galvo for flexible ROI scanning, Resonant for fast frame scanning or Dual scan head
  • scanning modes
    • frame with 31fps at 512x512pixels, 600x600um2
    • point and random acccess point with 200us/point
    • free hand line and multiple lines : 40 lines/5ms
    • folded frame, multiple folded frame
    • 3D volume scanning by piezo objective positioner
  • pixel dwell time 0.5us - 10ms by galvo scanner
  • dynamic pixel dwell time by resonant scanner
  • Multialkali and high sensitivity GaAsP PMTs (>45% QE)
  • Minimized optical path length by patented travelling detection system



This product is manufactured by Femtonics - Advanced Microscopy.

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