Phocus OEM OPO

The Phocus™ OEM is the newest addition to the Phocus™ family line of products, specifically designed for Photoacoustic applications.

The Phocus™ OEM is a mobile unit that incorporates all the system components in an extremely small and robust package, measuring 22x24x14”. The system includes the pump laser, the power supply and cooling unit, all the optics and the OPO. The ring oscillator OPO generates peak energy of more than 50 mJ at 20 Hz. The entire system is computer controlled, including phase matching of the harmonic. Access to the laser wavelengths at 1064 and 532 nm is available. Fast-Tuning™, in which the output wavelength can be tuned to any wavelength within the range at every consecutive pulse, is available.

Data Sheet


This product is manufactured by OPOTEK.

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