Phocus Core OPO

The Phocus Core is a stream-lined low cost system that provides the essential features required from a photoacoustic imaging source.

The Phocus Core is specifically designed for OEM applications and for integration with systems with space constraints. The OPO design is based on patented “ring-cavity” optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology. The design increases the OPO damage threshold while maintaining high efficiency, delivering nanosecond pulses with energies of over 125 mJ. High damage thresholds combined with minimal maintenance and turn-key operation reduces system down-time and allows ease of operation for pre-clinical applications. The basic configuration provides motorized harmonics and access to the residual 1064 and 532 nm pump laser wavelengths. Customizable form factors and optional fiber bundles provide the flexibility to integrate the light into commercial instrumentation.


  • All-in-one housing design integrates pump laser, OPO, harmonic, beam steering optics and control electronics
  • Unique, ring-cavity OPO design increases the OPO damage threshold while maintaining high efficiency in order to deliver short, nanosecond pulses.



This product is manufactured by OPOTEK.

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