Altair Femtosecond, Ultrafast Fiber Laser

ALTAIR is a femtosecond, Quasi-Continuous Wave range of fiber lasers emitting at around 1 micron (typically 1040 nm, but also at 1030 nm, 1050 nm and 1064 nm) and which delivers world class performance in a rugged, compact, air-cooled package. With repetition rates of either 40 or 80 MHz in a robust and extremely easy to install format, this laser is ideally suited for the most demanding biophotonics needs including multiphoton microscopy, neuroscience, optogenetics and SHG.

With average powers ranging from hundreds of mW to 5W, 10W or 20W, and ultra-short pulse widths down to < 100 fs (other fs pulse durations available) around 1030/1050 nm, the Altair addresses the demands of multiphoton imaging for high powers at longer wavelength. For those researchers working in optogenetics and all-optical physiology where two-photon activation requires considerable power and longer wavelengths the Altair is the system of choice. You may be looking to photoactivation of the latest red-shifted opsins or your need to image redshifted Ca2 indicators, such as the RCaMP, then the 1040nm wavelength addresses your needs. For photoactivation of large populations of neurons over 10 watts of femtosecond power is required and here the state-of-the-art fiber laser technology in the 20W Altair is the system of choice.

The performances of this range of lasers coupled with cost-efficient components makes it one of the World's lowest Cost of Ownership solution for your life-science, applied physics, and fluorescence linked applications.

Options avaiable:

- Group Delay Dispersion compensation.

- SHG and THG available on demand.


  • Average power from hundreds of mW to 20W
  • From <100 fs pulse duration.
  • High repetition rate
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Low timing jitter
  • Compact package,
  • Rugged design, Plug-and-play
  • Maintenance free



This product could be used for the following applications:

  •  Multiphoton Microscopy,
  •  Two-photon microscopy
  •  Neuroscience,
  •  Optogenetics,
  •  OPO Pumping,
  •  Non Linear Optics and spectroscopy,
  •  Terahertz generation.


This product is manufactured by Spark Lasers.

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