ALTAIR Series Quasi Continuous Wave High Power Fiber Laser

ALTAIR is an ultra-compact quasi continuous wave (QCW) fiber laser delivering high average power with ultrashort femtosecond pulses (<180fs) at high repetition rate (80MHz standard, others optional) in the 1micron wavelength range. ALTAIR is ideally suited to the most demanding biophotonics needs including multiphoton microscopy, neuroscience, optogenetics and second harmonic generation (SHG).

The ALTAIR offers best-in-class performance within a compact, air-cooled package. Available at power levels from 1W, 5W, 10W to 2W at a fixed central wavelength of 1040nm with pulse duration <180fs as standard, this QCW fiber laser is ideally suited for those researchers working in optogenetics and all-optical physiology where two-photon activation requires considerable power and longer wavelengths.

Custom wavelengths at 1030nm, 1050nm, 1064nm, 920nm and 520nm are available. Group delay dispersion pre-compensation (variable down to -30 000fs2), F-sync for fine-tuning the repetition rate for synchronization with any 3rd party master device, together with customisation to shorter pulse duration of <150fs can be offered. For power modulation an external acoustic optical modulator (AOM) is available.

The performances of this range of lasers coupled with cost-efficient components makes it one of the World's lowest cost of ownership solution for your life-science, applied physics, and fluorescence linked applications.


  • Central wavelength 1040nm (custom 1030, 1050, 1064, 920nm, SHG)
  • Average power from 1W to 20W
  • From <150fs pulse duration.
  • High repetition rate 80MHz
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Low timing jitter
  • Compact package
  • Rugged design
  • Plug-and-play
  • Maintenance free



This product could be used for the following applications:

  •  Multiphoton microscopy
  •  Two-photon microscopy
  •  Neuroscience
  •  Optogenetics
  •  Optical parametric oscillator (OPO) pumping
  •  Non linear optics and spectroscopy
  •  Terahertz generation


This product is manufactured by Spark Lasers.

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