NKT Photonics BASIK MIKRO Fiber Laser, 1535 to 1580nm, 10 to 40mW

Continuous wave fiber laser with wavelengths from 1535 to 1580nm, power from 10 to 40mW and optional output power modulation.


  • Continuous wave
  • Wavelength 1535 to 1580nm
  • Power 10 to 40mW
  • Optional output power modulation


Product Description

The Koheras BASIK MIKRO is the smallest industrial single frequency fiber laser on the market and it is designed for OEM integration in industrial sensing systems. The module includes fully integrated laser control electronics, as well as continuous monitoring of the laser performance.

The module is available in two different laser versions, C15 and E15. The standard wavelength is 1550 nm and the MIKRO is avilable with output wavelength anywhere in the 1535 to 1580 nm range. Moreover, the laser offers a wide thermal wavelength tuning range and can be combined with fast wavelength modulation e.g. for external stabilization.

The lasers are available with PM (Polarisation Maintaining) or non-PM output.

For easy control, the MIKRO is available with an optional USB interface kit and can be controlled via NKTP CONTROL graphical user interface.

  • Ultra-small OEM footprint of 20x70x150mm (HxWxD)
  • Up to 10-40mW, in the wavelength range 1535-1585nm
  • Ultra narrow linewidth (<1 kHz@120us, <0.1kHz Lorentzian)
  • Long term thermal wavelength stability 0.1pm
  • 10GHz, Fast wavelength modulation range, 2.5 times wider thean the previous generation of BASIK model
  • Low frequency and intensity noise
  • No need for external piezo driver, BASIK has integrated piezo driver and function generator


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Distributed optical sensing
  • Pipeline integrity monitoring
  • Perimeter security and surveillance
  • Laser vibrometry


This product is manufactured by NKT Photonics.

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