SIRIUS Series High Energy, Ultrafast Laser

SIRIUS laser produces high energy of up to 160uJ/pulse with <10ps pulse duration at 1064nm with repetition rates from single shot to 1MHz. The Sirius is ideally suited for industrial applications such as selective ablation of thin layers, glass engraving or micron-scaled features used in a wide variety of applications in industrial market segments.

From single shot to 1 MHz, its efficient, industrial GUI is Industrials best ally to fine tune even the most challenging processes whatever the PRF.
SIRIUS embeds perfectly into any kind of systems working in a 24/7 operating environment, year wide. Its very reduced footprint, weight and capital investment make it the money-maker you need.


  • 5W at 1064 nm
  • Up to 160uJ/pulse 
  • PRF range single shot to 1 MHz
  • Seeder burst mode
  • M² < 1.2
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Rugged design
  • Plug-and-play
  • Maintenance free
  • Worldwide warranty coverage 24 months


SIRIUS Series datasheet


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive/Aerospace
  • Food industry
  • Medical & Bio-Medical
  • PV cell


This product is manufactured by Spark Lasers.

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