FC1500-250-ULN Optical Frequency Comb

The FC1500-250-ULN ultra low noise optical frequency comb combines the versatility and ease-of-use of Menlo's standard fiber based frequency comb systems with unprecedented low phase noise and extreme stability of the generated comb radiation.

Menlo's all polarization maintaining 'Figure 9' modelocking technology together with high bandwidth actuators for both the carrier-envelope offset (CEO) frequency and the repetition rate guarantees ultimate performance.

Ever increasing demands for stability and accuracy of time and frequency signals require improved oscillators and frequency references. Today's best optical clocks rely on narrowband optical transitions and use a frequency comb as clockwork.

This new ultra low noise optical frequency comb clearly keeps pace with the new clock designs. Phase noise on the CEO beat note is below 70mrad (integrated from 100Hz to 2MHz) and is even better for the beat note used to phase lock the frequency comb repetition rate to the optical reference. The modified Allan variance reaches 3 x 10-18 within 1s, which compares to the accuracy of today's best atomic clocks.

The modular system architecture allows for easy additions of more functionality. 


  • Lowest phase noise of <100mrad [100Hz-2MHz]
  • High bandwidth >300kHz actuators for CEO and repetition rate
  • Fully fiber coupled CEO frequency generation
  • Turnkey metrology system
  • Fully automated including data evaluation software
  • Designed for continuous operation



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • High resolution spectroscopy
  • Timing distribution for large facilities
  • Optical clocks
  • Dual comb spectroscopy
  • Time and frequency
  • Differential absorption light detection and ranging (LIDAR)


This product is manufactured by Menlo Systems.

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