BDS-MM Series Picosecond Diode Laser

BDS-MM Miniature Diode Lasers

Becker & Hickl's BDS-SM picosecond diode lasers are small-sized original equipment manufacture (OEM) modules with a footprint of 40 x 40 x 110mm.

The BDS-MM series offer power levels up to 60mW free beam output or with multi-mode fiber delivery. With pulsed operation at 50MHz and adjustable pulse width down to 50ps and continuous wave (CW) equivalent power up to 60mW. These miniature BDS-MM picosecond diode lasers are available at wavelengths 405, 445, 525, 640, 685, 785 and 915nm. There is no requirement for an external driver as all electronics are integrated within the module. All that is needed is a simple 12V power supply. The laser offers fast on/off and multiplexing capabilities and as such is ideally suited to fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) applications.

All electronics integrated. Simple 12V power supply.


  • Small-size OEM module
  • Pulse width down to 52ps
  • Pulse repetition rate 50MHz
  • No external driver unit



This product is manufactured by Becker and Hickl GmbH.

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