Elias Series Spectrometers

Elias Spectrometers

The Elias series of emission line analysing spectrometer from LTB are echelle spectrometers with an extremely high resolution capability. They are used for the highly resolving spectral measurement of emission and absorption lines, particularly laser lines.

Emission and absorption line profiles can be detected simultaneously within their spectral vicinity with a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 40,000 by means of a charge coupled device (CCD). Besides the high resolution spectral measuring of laser lines, the intensity dynamics of up to 4 orders is of the utmost importance. This makes it possible to quantitatively analyse the wings and the spectral vicinity of the laser lines, other than with Fabry-Perot spectrometers.

The main area of application of the Elias spectrometer is the excimer laser lithography.


  • Highest spectral resolution
  • Intensity dynamics of up to 4 orders
  • High imaging quality



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy of emission and absorption lines
  • Excimer laser lithography


This product is manufactured by LTB Lasertechnik Berlin.

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