TL-1000 timing stabilisation unit

TL-1000 timing stabilisation unit

Laser Quantum offers the timing stabilisation units TL-1000 and TL-1000-ASOPS as accessories to the Gigajet series high-speed femtosecond oscillators and the Taccor femtosecond laser.

TL-1000 allows to tightly phase-lock the oscillator repetition rate to an external reference, a synthesizer or another modelocked laser. TL-1000-ASOPS enables a repetition rate offset-lock between two femtosecond oscillators (e.g. contained in a Gigajet twin) at a repetition rate difference between 2kHz and 20kHz.


  • 75MHz to 1GHz repetition rate
  • <100fs timing jitter
  • <60fs time-resolution in high-speed ASOPS



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Two-colour ultrafast time-domain spectroscopy
  • High speed asynchronous optical sampling (ASOPS)


This product is manufactured by Laser Quantum.

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