SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum laser

Supercontinuum Laser-SuperK Compact

The SuperK COMPACT is the world's most economical supercontinuum source, providing a wide spectral output from 450nm to 2400nm and with a brightness orders of magnitude larger than that of incandescent lamps and with far greater bandwidth than ASE sources or SLEDs. The light is delivered in a single mode fiber terminated with either a standard FC/PC connector or our high quality collimator.

The SuperK COMPACT can be found in laboratories around the World where it is the daily driver for many users within applications like component characterization, test & measurement, spectroscopy, and OCT or simply as a general-purpose laboratory white light source.
The SuperK COMPACT can be triggered externally and synced with low jitter up to 20 kHz. The trigger signal can be provided to a standard coax input or to the industrial trigger input that galvanically isolated.


  • Greater than 100mW
  • 450 to 2400nm spectral range
  • <2ns pulse width, single shot to 20kHz repetition rate
  • External triggering
  • High brightness, single mode
  • Covers O,E, S, C & L bands
  • Compact unit, small footprint

SuperK COMPACT spectral radiance



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Fiber diagnostics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optical Tomography
  • Biotechnology


This product is manufactured by NKT Photonics.

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