The pulseSlicer from APE is an economic solution for narrowing broadband laser pulses by spectral cutting.

Standard laser sources generate predominately only fixed width output pulses. Often there is a requirement for a variable bandwidth or pulse duration and with this in mind, APE have developed the pulseSlicer.

The pulseSlicer is an optical system that splits the pulse spectrally and with a mask at that point the transmitted spectrum can be controlled. Narrowing the spectrum modifies the pulse duration accordingly, resulting in longer pulses.

The pulseSlicer shapes pulses over the wavelength range 700-1100nm and 1000-1600nm, with variable output bandwidth/pulse duration over this range.


  • 700-1100nm or 1000-1600nm wavelength range
  • Variable output bandwidth/pulse duration
  • Minimum output bandwidth 0.3nm
  • Static transmission (Ts) 0.5-0.7



This product is manufactured by APE GmbH.

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