PrecisionScan Tuneable Dye Laser

PrecisionScan Tuneable Dye Laser

Sirah have re-invented the pulsed dye laser with the re-design of the Precision Scan. This three stage dye laser is available either as an amplifier and FCU, or 2 amplifiers. High power or large wavelength range are available.

The New PrecisionScan has been re-designed from scratch.The system is now more compact, occupying less table space, the controls for the laser are now oriented to the top side and the lid of the laser can be attached to front and backside of the laser. So, operation from any side and free placement of the pump laser is possible. Also, the laser comes now with a touchpanel remote control.

A completely new feature is the automatic grating exchange (patent pending). Two gratings are mounted on a high precision linear stage allowing a rapid change of the grating without the need for a full re-calibration of the system. This allows to operate always with a perfectly matched grating, without gaps.

The PrecisionScan accomodates either one amplifier stage and a FCU inside the main cabinet, or, if very high pump energy is required, the system can be fitted with a second main amplifier. If the system is used for non-linear mixing, it is possible to mount wavelength separation e.g a Pellin-Broca unit inside the PrecisionScan.

All PrecisionScan laser systems feature unique double wavelength pumping optics which allow a change of pump wavelength between 532 and 355nm without even touching pump optics.


  • Unique double wavelength pumping optics
  • Replaceable dye cells allow fast & easy dye change
  • Automatic grating exchange
  • Touch panel remote control
  • Free placement of pump laser on any side



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Research
  • CARS
  • Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence


This product is manufactured by Sirah Lasertechnik.

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