PicoBlade Picosecond Micromachining Laser

Picoblade Picosecond Micromachining Laser

The PicoBlade Picosecond Micromachining Laser system is a versatile tool for processing virtually any material with the highest precision and reliability.

Based on the established Duetto and Fuego architecture, the features of the PicoBlade include pulse-on-demand, FlexBurst' pulse control, high average power, and industry leading pulse repetition rates. The new SuperSync feature allows for precise timing control for applications benefitting from the increased productivity achieved with high speed scanners.

Designed for maximum process speed, the PicoBlade provides a versatile tool to process virtually any material with highest precision and reliability. Most other picosecond lasers have fixed pulse energies that are too high for most applications and are only adjustable by reducing the average power. This results in poor production throughput, even for high power laser systems.

In contrast, the PicoBlade allows adjusting the pulse energy to the value required by your specific application at full average power and therefore maximum process speed. Don't let the laser limit your process - use the most flexible picosecond laser available today!


  • Up to 50W output power
  • Single shot to 8MHz rep rate
  • Up to 200uJ pulse energy
  • 10ps pulse width
  • 20MW peak power
  • <1.3 M2 (TEMoo)



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • High speed precision micromachining
  • Glass cutting, welding, scribing
  • Hard material processing, diamond, sapphire, etc
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Drilling
  • Selective thin film ablation


This product is manufactured by Lumentum.

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