PHAROS Femtosecond Laser

PHAROS single-unit fs laser

The PHAROS from Light Conversion is a compact, single-unit, Yb:KGW femtosecond laser system designed to be turn-key out of its box. Delivering <190fs pulses high average powers of up to 20W and 2mJ per pulse from single shot 1MHz repetition rate at 1028nm.

Light Conversion's PHAROS is a compact, fully sealed femtosecond laser system offering unparalleled levels of tunability within a robust optomechanical design. Its market leading compact size combined with easy to replace modules (oscillator, amplifier and stretcher/compressor) with temperature stabilized and sealed housings ensure stable laser operation making it ideally suited to OEM integration.

PHAROS is built upon conventional chirped pulse ampification technique, employing seed oscillator, regenerative amplifier and pulse stretcher/compressor modules. Most of the PHAROS output parameters can be easily set via a laptop PC. Tunable parameters include: pulse duration (190fs to 10ps), repetition rate (single-pulse to 200kHz, extendable to 1MHz), pulse energy (up to 2mJ) and average power (up to 20W).

The PHAROS can also be supplied with fully integrated Automated Harmonics Modules for access to 2H (515nm), 3H (343nm), 4H (257nm) and even 5H (206nm).

The ORPHEUS range of tunable OPAs, NOPAs is available for pumping with the PHAROS to generate tunable, femtosecond pulsed output from 630-1020nm (signal) and 1040-2600nm (idler) at a wide range of repetition rates from 1kHz to 1MHz.

An optional tuning range extension unit allows full spectral output from 210nm to beyond 16microns.


  • Tunable pulse 190fs - 10ps, 1kHz - 1MHz rep rate
  • Up to 2mJ pulse energy, 20W average power
  • Pulse picker for pulse-on-demand operation
  • Broad range of wavelength conversion options
  • Flexible repetition rate(1kHz -1MHz)
  • Sealed oscillator and RGA units
  • Short warm-up time



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Femtochemistry
  • Micromachining
  • Material research


This product is manufactured by Light Conversion.

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