ORPHEUS Optical Parametric Amplifier

ORPHEUS Optical Parametric Amplifiers

The ORPHEUS family is a series of dedicated collinear and non-collinear Optical Parametric Amplifiers with femtosecond or picosecond pulses, for use with the Light Conversion PHAROS and CARBIDE lasers (i.e. pumped at 1030nm). The ORPHEUS OPAs maintain all the excellent features of Light Conversion's hugely successful TOPAS series of OPAs: high output pulse stability throughout the entire tuning range, high output beam quality, full computer control via USB, as well as optional frequency mixers to extend the tuning range from the UV right up to the mid-IR.

ORPHEUS is a fully computer-controlled collinear OPA, generating tunable femtosecond pulsed output from 630-1020nm (Signal) and 1040-2600nm (Idler) at a wide range of repetition rates from Single Shot to 1MHz. An optional tuning range extension unit allows full spectral output from 210nm to beyond 16 microns. This flexible multi-kilohertz repetition rate source is an invaluable tool for multiphoton microscopy, micro-structuring and spectroscopy applications.

ORPHEUS-HP is a high-power version of the standard ORPHEUS, with UV-VIS and mid-IR tuning range frequency mixers integrated into a thermally stabilised monolithic housing, and can also reach the deep UV (190-215nm). Recommended for applications where the pump power is >8W, or whenever the necessary tuning range requires both UV and mid-IR generation (e.g. 315-5000nm).

ORPHEUS-F is a very impressive hybrid OPA, combining the short pulse durations typical of a non-collinear OPA, with the broad tuning range of a collinear one. The Signal beam may be compressed down to <60fs, while the Idler may be compressed to 40-90fs (depending on wavelength). Switching to a standard OPA configuration to access the 900-1200nm tuning 'gap' is also available.

ORPHEUS-N is a dedicated non-collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier (NOPA) with built-in second or third harmonic generators for the IR pump beam, delivering <30fs pulses in the 700-850nm range (ORPHEUS-N-2H) or 530-670nm range (ORPHEUS-N-3H). Optional SHG of the Signal output is also available to extend the tuning range to 250-450nm. ORPHEUS-N is an invaluable instrument for time-resolved spectroscopy.

ORPHEUS-ONE provides twice the output in mid-IR range as standard ORPHEUS. The Signal and Idler tuning from 1350nm to 4500nm and the tuning range is extendable to 16 microns.

ORPHEUS-PS is a narrow-bandwidth OPA, pumped by the picosecond pulses from the SHBC narrow bandwidth second harmonic generator, and seeded by white-light continuum generated by femtosecond pulses. This ensures the highest pulse-to-pulse stability for tunable picosecond pulses.

ORPHEUS-twins is a pair of independently tunable OPAs in a single compact housing. Each of the two channels can be separately configured to be a version of ORPHEUS, ORPHEUS-ONE, ORPHEUS-F or even ORPHEUS-N.


  • Wide variety of models and configurations
  • Repetition rates from Single Shot up to 1 MHz
  • Output pulse durations from 10fs to 5ps
  • Tunable output from 189nm to beyond 16microns
  • Residual fundamental and 2nd harmonic
  • High energy conversion into parametric radiation
  • Near bandwidth and diffraction limited output
  • Fully computer controlled via USB and dedicated software



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Non linear optics
  • Multi-photon microscopy


This product is manufactured by Light Conversion.

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