Lumentum NPRO Series DPSS Laser, 1064 to 1319nm, 25 to 200mW

NPRO 125/126 CW 1064/1319nm laser

Continuous wave diode pumped solid state laser with wavelengths from 1064 to 1319nm and power from 25 to 200mW.


  • Continuous wave
  • Wavelength 1064 to 1319nm
  • Power 25 to 200mW


Product Description

Lumentum NPRO 125/126 Continuous Wave (CW) Single Frequency Laser. Up to 200mW at 1319nm or 25mW at 1064nm fiber coupled. Free space energy outputs of 350mW at 1319 and 700mW at 1064. <5kHz linewidth and 1km coherence length.

A single frequency CW IR laser with output at either 1064 or 1319nm. The NPRO 125 is fiber coupled, whilst the NPRO 126 is not.

At the heart of the laser is the Lumentum non-planar ring oscillator which is a monolithic laser cavity offering true single-frequency laser output. The fiber coupled output delivers >25mW at 1064nm and at 1319nm up to 200mW is possible. Without a fiber, 350mW is available at 1319nm and 700mW at 1064nm.

The NPRO 125/126 lasers are used for a variety of applications including fiber optic sensing, communications, remote links, LIDAR and passive sonar. They feature a linewidth of <5kHz/ms and a coherence length of more than a kilometre.

  • <5kHz/s linewidth
  • Single longitudinal mode
  • 200mW at 1319nm, or 25mW at 1064 fiber delivered
  • 350mW at 1319nm, or 700mW at 1064 free space
  • Proven non-planar ring oscillator design


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Communications
  • Remote sensing
  • Spectroscopy


This product is manufactured by Lumentum.

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