LYNX Versatile Picosecond Laser

LYNX Versatile Picosecond Laser

Air-cooled, 1W, Versatile picosecond laser.

The passively mode-locked, diode pumped solid state LYNX laser system employs SESAM technology to deliver clean, exceptionally stable picosecond pulses. The LYNX laser system is a customised turmkey solution with a microprocessor controlled power supply for use in laboratories and industrial environments.

The LYNX laser system delivers mode-locked picosecond pulses in a solid, powerful, competitively priced package. The turnkey LYNX system requires only air cooling. Its sealed laser head ensures reliability and requires minimal maintenance, reducing operating costs. The laser achieves its specified performance level within minutes for fast reliable results.


  • 1W Maximum output power at 1064nm
  • 8ps pulsewidth
  • 10-350MHz repetition rate.
  • 1064, 1053, 1047nm Wavelengths available.
  • Passively mode-locked DPSSL
  • Sealed laser head
  • Air cooled
  • Turnkey operation
  • Low Maintenance



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM)
  • Time resolved spectroscopy
  • Seeding amplifiers
  • Two photon microscopy
  • Pump probe spectroscopy
  • Optical testing


This product is manufactured by Lumentum.

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