Levante Emerald HP

Levante Emerald HP

Levante Emerald picosecond OPO is now available with sufficiently high Signal output power to provide tunable picosecond pulses in the <195nm-215nm ultraviolet range. More than 5mW average power is available at 207nm with a spectral bandwidth of less than 0.1nm.

The standard Levante Emerald OPO offers widely tunable picosecond pulses of >0.75W in the 690nm -990nm (Signal) and >0.6W in the 1150nm - 2300nm (Idler) ranges at 80MHz repetition-rate. Now, this new Levante Emerald HP comes with increased Signal output power of over 6W, and when coupled with APEs simple HarmoniXX FHG frequency conversion unit, offers computer-controlled tuning between 190nm and 215nm, and with >5mW at 207nm. The HarmoniXX unit may also be easily configured to provide higher power, tunable picosecond pulses at longer wavelengths up to around 325nm. This new light source sees applications in ultrafast spectroscopy and pump-probe measurements in the UV range, photo-electron spectroscopy and direct one-photon excitation of UV transitions.

APE have a complementary range of laser diagnostic equipment for complete laser characterisation of ps and femtosecond laser pulses including autocorrelators, pulse pickers and SPIDERS.


  • tunable picosecond pulses
  • <195nm to >16 microns tunability



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • CARS
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Pump probe spectroscopy


This product is manufactured by APE GmbH.

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