GAM Laser EX350 High Energy Excimer Laser, 157 to 351nm, 0.4 to 12W

High Energy Excimer - EX350

Pulsed excimer laser with wavelengths from 157 to 351nm, power from 0.4 to 12W, energy from 20 to 250mJ, repetition rate from 20 to 50Hz and pulsewidth from 20 to 26ns.


  • Pulsed
  • Wavelength 157 to 351nm
  • Power 0.4 to 12W
  • Energy 20 to 250mJ
  • Repetition rate 20 to 50Hz
  • Pulsewidth 20 to 26ns


Product Description

The EX350 compact, high energy excimer laser from GAM Laser, Inc. is the smallest, high energy excimer laser available on the market. Offering up to 20W at 248nm when running at 100Hz, this single package laser has unmatched pulse-to-pulse stability.

The EX350 compact, high energy excimer laser is a total metal/ceramic laser in an air-cooled compact single table top package. Fully computer controlled, with corona preionization, low trigger stability and long gas lifetime, this laser is the system of choice to provide high energy and high performance in a low cost package.

  • 10W at 193nm and 308nm
  • 20W at 248nm
  • Total ceramic/metal design
  • Air cooled
  • Single lightweight package
  • Low trigger jitter
  • Unmatched pulse-to-pulse stability


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Pulsed laser deposition
  • Ablation
  • Marking
  • Glass marking


This product is manufactured by GAM Laser, Inc..

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