Harmonic Generation systems for Ultrafast Lasers.

The new product line HarmoniXX is a series of frequency converters for ultrafast lasers, Ti: Sapphire lasers in particular, but also for other wavelength ranges. It covers frequency doubling (SHG) and tripling (THG) but also quadrupling (FHG), with a modularly structured system. User-friendliness and compactness had high priority in the design process.

With modest quick-release optics the HarmoniXX devices are applicable for a wide pulse duration range from femtoseconds to several 10 picoseconds and in particular suitable for extremely short pulses. The new products are optimized for highest conversion efficiency at various laser power levels as well as minimum pulse broadening.

A very special advantage is due to a single, non-splitted optical beam path. Unlike conventional triplers the new HarmoniXX tripler needs no separation and recombination of the interacting beams. Instead a special delay compensator is used whereby the search for the spatial overlap of the beams is omitted. This implements a very easy and quick adjustment and alignment.

For generation of shortest wavelengths there are two different FHG versions available, the simple double-SHG option for the THG unit down to 210 nm and the special SumFrequencyMixing device for wavelengths below 200nm.

For the use in combination with automatic, PC-controlled laser systems the Autotracker option is offered. By means of integrated sensors and actuators the electronics corrects the settings as phase matching angle to their optimum position continuously and automatically while changing input wavelengths.

NEW: Now available is the HarmoniXX DFG, offering wavelength extension for synchronously-pumped OPOs out to 10 microns and beyond.


  • High Efficiency
  • Easy alignment
  • Minimum pulse broadening
  • Excellent pointing stability



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Multi-Photon Microscopy
  • Non linear optics
  • Cellular and tissue fluorescence
  • Pump probe spectroscopy
  • Femtochemistry


This product is manufactured by APE GmbH.

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