HarmoniXX Second, Third and Fourth Harmonic Generation


The HarmoniXX series of frequency converters for ultrafast lasers are ideal for Ti:Sa lasers as well as many other wavelength ranges, covering Second Harmonic Generation (SHG), Third Harmonic Generation (THG) and Fourth Harmonic Generation (FHG).

As part of the HarmoniXX product line, the HarmoniXX SHG is a frequency converter for the frequency doubling of ultra short-pulse lasers. SHG is a non-linear process, in which photons with the same frequency interacting with a non-linear material are effectively combined to generate new photons with twice the energy, and therefore twice the frequency and half the wavelength of the initial photons.

As part of our HarmoniXX product line, the HarmoniXX THG is a frequency converter for tripling the frequency of ultra short-pulse lasers. THG is a generation of photons with a tripled frequency. Three photons are employed, creating a single photon at three times the frequency. Unlike conventional triplers, the HarmoniXX THG requires less adjustment efforts because no separation and recombination of the interacting beams is needed. This user-friendly feature has one common optical beam path for all interacting beams. It is implemented by means of a proprietary delay compensator and provides consistent spatial overlap for optimum efficiency.

As part of our HarmoniXX product line, the HarmoniXX FHG is a frequency converter for quadrupling the frequency of ultra short-pulse lasers. As a result, the final frequency is four times of the frequency of the incoming laser beam.

The focus is on user-friendliness and a compact design. By featuring a quick exchange of optics, the HarmoniXX devices can be used for a wide pulse duration range, from femtoseconds (fs) to several picoseconds (ps). All units are optimized for highest conversion efficiency at various laser power levels. They also display minimum pulse broadening while maintaining good spatial beam profile.

NEW: Now available is the HarmoniXX Difference Frequency Generation, offering wavelength extension for synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) out to 10 microns and beyond.


  • High conversion efficiency
  • Easy alignment and automatic wavelength tuning
  • Suitable for both tunable and fixed frequency fs and ps lasers
  • Excellent pointing stability and beam profile
  • Remote operation via software graphical user interface



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Multi-photon microscopy
  • Non linear optics
  • Cellular and tissue fluorescence
  • Pump probe spectroscopy
  • Femtochemistry


This product is manufactured by APE GmbH.

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