FLINT Femtosecond Yb Oscillator

FLINT femtosecond Yb oscillator

The FLINT is an Ytterbium-based femtosecond laser oscillator, pumped by high-brightness laser diode modules, and generating extremely stable ultrashort pulses, is ideal for OPO pumping and nonlinear physics such as multiphoton imaging.

The FLINT family is available with average powers up to 20W and pulse durations down to 30fs at ~76MHz and ~1030nm.

Available output powers of the FLINT are up to 20W.


  • 2W, 8W, 12W and 20W versions (up to >250nJ pulse energy)
  • Down to <30fs pulses
  • Excellent pulse contrast
  • Active stabilisation with external power lock
  • Optional CEP stabilization
  • Efficient wavelength extension down to 515nm, 343nm and 258nm with HIRO Harmonics Generator



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • THz generation
  • Seeding of ultrashort pulse amplifiers
  • Two photon microscopy
  • OPO pumping


This product is manufactured by Light Conversion.

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