CHEETAH-X Picosecond Laser

Chetah-X Compact Picosecond Laser

The CHEETAH-X Picoscond Laser is a high average power, passively mode locked, diode pumped solid state system.

The combination of longitudinal diode pumping, a saturable absorber mirror, and a robust sealed package yields turnkey, self-starting performance with exceptionally stable output characteristics.

The CHEETAH-X laser system can be customised to user defined repetition rates ranging from 50 to 400MHz. Its sealed housing design is optimised for use in laboratories and demanding industrial environments. The laser achieves its specified performance level in a span of seconds to minutes and requires very little maintenance.


  • 10W output power at 1064nm
  • 10ps pulsewidth
  • 50-400MHz repetition rate
  • 1064, 532 and 355nm wavelengths
  • M2 of 1.1 (TEMoo)
  • Passively mode locked diode pumped solid state laser
  • Sealed laser head
  • Temperature stabilised
  • Turn-key operation
  • Low maintenance



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Flow cytometry
  • Synchronously pumped dye lasers
  • Seeding amplifiers
  • Photocathode illumination
  • Pump probe experiments
  • Optoelectronic sampling
  • Non linear optics


This product is manufactured by Lumentum.

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