CARBIDE femtosecond laser

CARBIDE femtosecond laser

Light Conversion's CARBIDE is a single-unit integrated, ultra-compact femtosecond laser system offering high average output powers of >10W, pulse energies of >100µJ per pulse at 1030nm with flexible rep rates and variable pulse duration from <290fs to 10ps.

CARBIDE is built upon the chirped pulse amplification technology used in Light Conversion's successful high performance, femtosecond industrial laser PHAROS. Encompassing the well established seed oscillator, regenerative amplifier and pulse stretcher/compressor modules as used in the PHAROS product line, CARBIDE is Light Conversions next generation of ultra-fast laser offering >10W at 1030nm wavelength with the highest available pulse energy of >100µJ.


  • <290fs pulse duration
  • Tunable pulse duration 290fs - 10ps
  • >100µJ pulse energies
  • up to 10W output power
  • 60kHz - 1000kHz repetition rate
  • Ultra-compact single unit with integrated power supply
  • Includes pulse picker for pulse on demand operation
  • Rugged, industrial grade mechanical design
  • Air or water cooling
  • Automated harmonics generators 515nm, 343nm and 257nm.



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Biomedical imaging / Analysis
  • Micromachining
  • Non linear optics
  • Multi-Photon Microscopy
  • Time resolved spectroscopy


This product is manufactured by Light Conversion Ltd.

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