Si Avalanche Photodiode module

Si Avalanche Photodiode module

Low noise - high speed detector from Licel. Wavelength range 400-1100nm, high NIR quantum efficiency.

Now you can measure optical signals in the near IR with high quantum efficiency, comparable to UV-Vis detectors.

The Si-APD Module consists of a TE-cooled detector, a high speed, low noise preamplifier and HV supply. Signals can be acquired both in analog detection mode and by using single photon counting.

Integrated focussing optics and alignment mechanics allow easy integration into your optical setup.The increased sensitivity in the near infrared is a major advantage as compared to photomultipliers.


  • Built in amplifier and collection optics
  • Increased sensitivity in the near infrared
  • Low noise as TE cooled
  • Photon counting and analogue modes



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Infrared measurements


This product is manufactured by Licel.

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