InGaAs APD module

InGaAs APD module

The Licel InGaAs APD module is a fully integrated detector solution for eye-safe lidar systems for detection at wavelengths between 1100nm and 1700nm.

The Licel InGaAs avalanche photodiode module is a compact unit featuring fully integrated air cooled thermoelectrically cooled APD, pre-amplifier and TEC controller unit, all mounted on an XYZ translation stage. The XYZ stage offers easy integration and alignment within detection systems.

The InGaAs detector has an active diameter of 0.2 mm, can be cooled to -15oC via air cooling and with a temperature stability of 0.2oC at the operating temperature of -15oC. The TE cooled InGaAs APD is packaged in the same form factor as Licel's Si- APD module


  • 1100 nm -1700 nm responsivity
  • thermoelectrically cooled detector
  • integrated pre-amp, mechanics and alignment optics
  • XYZ translation stage for easy integration



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence


This product is manufactured by Licel.

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