ET-2000 Series Silicon Photodetectors

Biased Si Photodetector

EOT's ET-2000 series of biased silicon (Si) photodetectors cover 300nm to 1100nm. Four versions of this PIN photodiode have rise times down to 200ps.

EOT's biased photodetectors are used with Q-switched and mode locked lasers. Monitoring of industrial lasers, scientific lasers and lasers used in communications make up some of the photodetector markets.

Photodetectors adapted for external power supplies are available. Standard photodetectors have a positive bias. Photodetectors with a negative bias are available as a special option. These photodetectors are not internally terminated. A 50Ω termination is optimal.


  • Fast rise & fall times down to 200ps
  • Wide spectral response 300-1100nm
  • Easy to use
  • Large acceptance angle



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Laser beam diagnostics
  • Triggering applications
  • Viewing rapid modulation of diode lasers
  • Measuring laser output


This product is manufactured by Electro-Optics Technology Inc.

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