ET-3500 and ET-4000 Series >12.5GHz and >10GHz GaAs Photodetectors

>12.5GHz/>10GHz InGaAs/GaAs Photodetectors

Ultrafast <30ps gallium arsenide (GaAs) photodetectors covering 450-870nm. These PIN photodiodes from EOT are available in amplified or un-amplified versions.

Photodetectors for pulsewidth measurement and pulse profiling. The GaAs modules are suitable for wavelengths from 400-900nm and have an active region 40µm in diameter. The cutoff frequency for the un-amplified model is >12.5GHz.

The amplified 9GHz models feature a 40ps risetime, and a working bandwidth from 20kHz-10GHz. They have a spectral responsivity of 45V/W and a noise equivalent power of <45pW/√Hz. 

Both modules are available free space or FC/PC (fiber connected physical contact) connected, require 5V and feature a built-in transimpedance amplifier. 

Options with fibers are also available


  • Ultrafast rise and fall times (<30ps)
  • Wide frequency response (3dB bandwidth >12.5GHz)
  • 450-870nm



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Laser beam diagnostics
  • Measuring laser output
  • Viewing rapid modulation of diode lasers


This product is manufactured by Electro-Optics Technology Inc.

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