Tornos Series Rotators and Isolators

Wavelength Tunable Isolators/Rotators

EOT manufactures low and medium power wavelength tunable Faraday rotators and isolators for the 500-1030nm region.

Because the verdet constant in TGG (terbium-gallium-garnet) changes with wavelength, there is a wavelength dependence inherent in Faraday isolators due the change in Faraday rotation. The effects of this can be compensated for by tuning the output polariser of a Faraday isolator to correct for changes in Faraday rotation due to changes in wavelength.

EOT's Tornos series wavelength tunable Faraday isolators utilise polariser tuning to achieve wavelength tunability.

EOT’s Tornos series compact optical isolators provide high transmission in the forward direction while strongly attenuating light traveling in the reverse direction, effectively protecting laser diodes from the deleterious effects of back reflections. The Tornos compact optical isolators allow for optimal isolation and transmission at a specific wavelength within the spectral bandwidth of the isolator.


  • Compact
  • Easy to align
  • 9 models for wavelengths from 500nm to 1030nm
  • Optimisation at wavelength within spectral range
  • Dichroic polariser/polarising beamsplitter options
  • Optional half wave plate



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Frequency modulation elimination in lasers
  • Eliminating parasitic oscillations
  • Optical isolators
  • Laser cooling
  • Single frequency laser diodes


This product is manufactured by Electro-Optics Technology Inc.

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