Rotating Polariser

Rotating Polariser

The Licel Rotating Polariser is a software controlled module featuring rotating Glan Thompson prism to either add or de-polarise multispectral detection in the wavelength range 210 nm to 2300nm.

Featuring either an αBBO or Calcite 20 mm Glan Thompson prism, the Licel Rotating Polariser can be used to separate p- and s- polarised signal contributions in multispectral detection systems.

The module is supplied with LabView software for acquisition control, laser trigger control, polarisation orientation and absolute angular positioning. The integrated trigger generator ensures accurate and reliable synchronised acquisition with laser flashlamp and laser Q-switch.


  • optical transmission 210 nm to 2300 nm
  • αBBO or Calcite polarising material
  • integrated trigger generator
  • Ethernet interface



This product could be used for the following applications:



This product is manufactured by Licel.

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