PulseCheck Autocorrelators

PulseCheck Autocorrelator

The pulseCheck autocorrelator from APE is the industry leader in ultrafast pulsewidth measurement, covering pulses from 5fs to 500ps and 200nm to >12um.

The pulseCheck autocorrelator is a versatile and user friendly autocorrelation system offering a wealth of features for discerning pulse diagnostics. A special delay line allows the user to choose the scan range according to pulse duration down to 150fs, and the special all reflective optics sets are factory aligned giving easy beam handling.

The pulseCheck USB is now also available, featuring the standard pulseCheck optical head with the new pulseLink USB interface. The pulseLink controls the optical head while being connected via USB to the control software running on the customer's computer. You can find out more information on the use of the pulseLink controller with the pulseCheck USB from the videos section of our website where you can view the pulseLink video.

Now available: pulseCheck USB MIR for wavelengths up to 20 microns.


  • Simple alignment
  • Femtosecond resolution
  • Background-free and collinear ACF
  • Fringe resolved traces
  • Compact and rugged construction
  • Pulse duration readout
  • Computer interface



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Laser beam diagnostics
  • Ultrafast amplifier pumping


This product is manufactured by APE GmbH.

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