Gentec Power Detectors

Power Heads

Get accurate measurements with fast response times with Gentec's range of thermopile or pyroelectric power meters. Available with various absorbers and demonstrating the highest damage threshold shown by devices of this type. Gentec Power Heads are suitable for a wide range of applications, requiring accurate measurement capability from nanowatt to multi-kilowatt power levels.

Photonic Solutions can supply power heads that are compatible with a number of our laser products. For Continuum's Minilite and Surelite Nd:YAG lasers we recommend the UP19K-15S-VR, and for their Powerlite the UP19K-30H-VR. For Quantronix lasers we suggest the UP25N-250F-H12, the UP19K-50L-W5 and the UP19K-15-W5 which are ideally suited for use with the Condor Dual, Darwin Dual and Darwin respectively.

For Laser Quantum's CW lasers with power up to 15W we recommend the UP19K-15S-H5. If you are looking for power measurements on high repetition rate lasers with ultrashort pulses such as those emitted by the Pharos system from Light Conversion, the UP19K-15S-W5 is ideal. For low power measurements we recommend the XLP12-3S-H2.


  • Modular concept with different cooling modules
  • Fast rise times of less than 1.3 seconds
  • Single shot energy up to 200J
  • High durability absorber
  • High damage threshold up to 100GW/cm2



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Measuring laser output


This product is manufactured by Gentec-EO.

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