PM Fiber Output Isolator

PM Fibre Output Isolator

EOT's 50-200W PM fiber in/free space Faraday isolators feature clear apertures of 4mm or 12mm and central operating wavelengths of 1065nm.

These fiber in/free space isolators enable high power performance from PM fiber lasers and minimize thermal lensing for powers up to 200W. 2 models are available with power handling of up to 200W. The circular polarisation of these isolators enhances hole drilling applications.


  • 50 or 200W power handling forward
  • Operating central wavelength 1065nm
  • 4mm or 12mm clear aperture
  • Patented high power fiber collimator technology
  • Enables high power performance from PM fiber laser
  • Minimise thermal lensing for powers up to 200W
  • Short optical pathlength and reduced power density
  • optional waveplates



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • ASE elimination in laser systems
  • Frequency modulation elimination in lasers
  • Eliminating parasitic oscillations
  • Laser cooling
  • Optical Isolators


This product is manufactured by Electro-Optics Technology Inc.

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