Optogalvanic Calibration Device

Optogalvanic Calibration Device

Sirah's optogalvanic calibration device provides an excellent solution for wavelength calibration inadequacies in the visible and near UV regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The device monitors the current passing through a gas discharge as the laser is tuned through the frequencies of allowed transitions for excited atoms in the discharge. The spectral positions of these resonances depend on the fill gases and on the electrodes material.

To cover the whole spectrum accessible by pulsed dye lasers, sensor heads with argon or neon fill gases are available. Neon is recommended for the 730-540nm region and argon for the 480-360nm region. For observation of the optogalvanic signal you need a boxcar-averager or an oscilloscope.


  • Sensor heads with different gas fill available


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Laser beam diagnostics


This product is manufactured by Sirah Lasertechnik.

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