Model 7270 DSP Lock-in amplifier

Model 7270 DSP Lock-in amplifier

The model 7270 sets a new standard for general-purpose DSP lock-in amplifiers giving outstanding performance that is easy to use and suitable for virtually all measurements over a frequency range extending from 1 mHz to 250 kHz.

In common with other models in the SIGNAL RECOVERY range, the 7270 offers much more than just dual phase lock-in detection at the reference frequency of an applied signal. Included are features unique to SIGNAL RECOVERY instruments such as dual reference and dual harmonic detection, which allow signals at two different frequencies to be measured simultaneously. The spectral display mode shows the power spectral density of the input signal, making it easy to avoid interfering signals when selecting a reference frequency. It is now even possible to perform tandem demodulation. In this mode an amplitude-modulated signal at a (high) "carrier" frequency is first demodulated at that frequency. The resulting in-phase output, at short time constant settings, is a signal at the modulating frequency which is then passed forward for detection by a second set of demodulators running at the same modulating frequency. 


  • 1 mHz to 250 kHz operation
  • Voltage and current mode inputs
  • 1.0 MHz main ADC sampling rate
  • 10us to 100ks output filter time constants
  • Virtual Reference operating modes
  • Adjustable amplitude and frequency
  • Precision DDS sinewave oscillator
  • Spectral display mode
  • USB, RS232, and Ethernet computer interfaces



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Pump-probe studies
  • Scanned probe measurements
  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Impedance meaasurements


This product is manufactured by SIGNAL RECOVERY.

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