Model 7210 Multichannel DSP Lock-in amplifier

Model 7210 Multichannel DSP Lock-in amplifier

The model 7210 represents a significant advance in the application of DSP technology in the design of a lock-in amplifier.

Until now, instruments have been restricted to a single signal channel, allowing only one, or at most two, signals to be measured at any one time. The model 7210, with its use of the latest technology, allows up to 32 signals to be measured simultaneously. What is more, units can be linked together to give more detection channels. For example, four units give 128 channels, while sixteen would give 512 channels.

The instrument can effectively operate as 32 parallel dual-phase lock-in amplifiers, running at the same external reference frequency, measuring 32 signals and generating 32 pairs of X and Y outputs. It can also operate in a tandem mode in which it generates a second reference signal which is an integer division of the external reference. This second reference is applied to the external experiment in such a way as to amplitude modulate the signal at the first reference frequency.


  • Up to 32 DSP dual-phase lock-in channels
  • Common reference frequency
  • Independent per-channel control of sensitivity
  • Independent control of reference phase
  • Independent control of time constant
  • Units may be interconnected
  • Voltage or current mode inputs
  • Complete with software



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Pump-probe studies
  • Magnetic measurements
  • Impedance meaasurements
  • Superconductivity tests


This product is manufactured by SIGNAL RECOVERY.

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