Model 7124 Precision Lock-in amplifier

Model 7124 Precision

The model 7124 precision lock-in amplifier uses a unique analogue fiber optic link to interconnect a remote connection unit (RCU), to which the experiment is connected, and a main instrument console.

Using this technique, the model 7124 overcomes one significant limitation of other lock-in amplifiers, which is that the instrument itself can act as a source of digital clock and switching noise that can be coupled back into the experiment via the signal or internal oscillator connectors. The 7124's main console is a compact, bench top unit with a colour display, and keys for operating the instrument controls, accessing different menus, and easy entry of numeric values. The operating frequency range is from 0.5 Hz to 150 kHz, with a main ADC sampling rate and analogue output DAC update rate of 1 MHz, giving excellent performance at even the shortest time constant of 10 µ.s .


  • Unique analogue fiber optic link
  • No digital clock or switching
  • 0.5 Hz to 150 kHz operation
  • Voltage and current mode inputs
  • 1.0 MHz main ADC sampling rate
  • Virtual Reference operating modes
  • Precision DDS sinewave oscillator
  • USB, RS232, and Ethernet computer interfaces



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Measurement of low impedances
  • Pump-probe studies
  • Scanned probe measurements
  • Atomic force microscopy


This product is manufactured by SIGNAL RECOVERY.

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