Exciton Laser Dyes

Exciton Laser Dyes

Exciton specialises in supplying the highest quality and range of laser dyes. The laser dyes cover a wide spectral range and provide the optimum lasing efficiency for a given mode of excitation.

At Photonic Solutions we strive to keep the majority of Exciton dyes in stock for next day delivery. Should the dyes not be in stock they typically take 3 working days. Please either phone us to place an order or visit our webshop where you can view the full range of laser dyes available for secure on-line purchasing.

The following Exciton laser dye table gives useful information on each dye offered. The table is arranged in order of increasing lasing wavelength.


  • Comprehensive range of laser dyes held in stock


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Dye laser pumping


This product is manufactured by Exciton.

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