News - 2021

Implementing spectroscopy for wider and more niche applications 18 Nov 2021
Live Webinar - Tue, Nov 30, 2021 3:00 PM GMT in parternship with Electro-Optics magazine. Photonic Solutions are sponsoring a live webinar in conjunction with Electro-Optics… (more)

GEMINI - Pump Probe White Paper 03 Jun 2021
GEMINI - Pump Probe White Paper is now available for free download from Electro Optics website. The GEMINI interferometer from Nireos enables an innovative approach to broadband… (more)

CRONUS-3P - Laser Source for Advanced Nonlinear Microscopy 01 Mar 2021
CRONUS-3P Laser Source developed for Three-Photon Microscopy is now available in UK!  We are very excited to announce that Light Conversion has launching an ultrafast source based… (more)

Mirsense 10–17µm QCL selected as 2021 Prism Award finalist 11 Jan 2021
Mirsense groundbreaking new 10 – 17 microns DFB quantum cascade laser product line has been selected by 30 judges as one of the top three finalists… (more)

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