News - 2019

UV Mars Solar Simulator 01 Dec 2019
We are very pleased to announce that we have just installed our first in UK, custom made, Martian Solar Simulator, manufactured by our partner in… (more)

GEMINI - an ultra-stable interferometer 14 Nov 2019
We are very excited to announce that the new interferometer GEMINI by NIREOS, is now available in UK and Ireland from Photonic Solutions. GEMINI is… (more)

The new SciSun - small area solar simulator from Sciencetech is now available 10 Oct 2019
The new SciSun series of small area solar simulator has just been added to Sciencetech’s family of class AAA Solar Simulators, and is supplied in… (more)

Brand New Photonic Solutions Webshop 22 Aug 2019
We are happy to announce that our brand new e-commerce site is now live! Here you will find our online catalogue of off-the-shelf lasers, spectrometers,… (more)

We are now representing MOGLabs 22 Aug 2019
Photonic Solutions is very excited to partner with MOGLabs, whose range of products are tailored to the needs of the atom optics laboratory. Their team of… (more)

Sound and Bright: Ultrasound Systems 12 Jun 2019
We are pleased to announce that we are now representing Sound and Bright, who offer a range of cutting-edge laser-based ultrasound systems for Non-Destructive Testing… (more)

We now can see in Terahertz 30 May 2019
Photonic Solutions is very excited to have partnered with i2S, manufacturer of TZcam - High definition, real-time Terahertz camera with the highest sensitivity on the… (more)

First Ever IAU S350 Symposium in Cambridge 08 Apr 2019
Craig will be attending the First International Astronomical Union Symposium on Laboratory Astrophysics, IAUS 350. This event will be held in Jesus College, Cambridge, UK,… (more)

We now represent Alluxa 14 Mar 2019
Photonic Solutions is very excited to have partnered with Alluxa, manufacturer of high-performance optical filters and thin-film coatings. Alluxa’s team of experts has delivered key innovations… (more)

The new Merion C laser from Lumibird is now available 13 Mar 2019
We are delighted to introduce Merion C the Quantel laser diode-pumped nanosecond Nd:YAG range. To meet the laser market’s diverse needs with reliable, high-performance and competitive… (more)

25 years of Light Conversion 13 Mar 2019
It all started 25 years ago in Lithuania when physicist Dr Algirdas Juozapavičius and few other likeminded peers founded a company. The business was born… (more)

The new Koheras HARMONIK fiber laser from NKT Photonics is now available 29 Jan 2019
The HARMONIK system is a high-power frequency-doubled laser system consisting of a low-noise Koheras fiber laser platform, BOOSTIK, in combination with our new frequency converter… (more)

The new MZ5 ATR-MIR spectrometer from Ocean Optics is now available 17 Jan 2019
The Ocean Optics MZ5 is a miniature ATR spectrometer provides a compact, fast and scalable alternative to traditional FTIR spectroscopy. Ocean MZ5 is ready to go out… (more)

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