News - 2015

The 2015 Arthur L. Schawlow Award Winner Has Been Revealed 21 Oct 2015
Photonic Solutions is really proud to announce that Dr. Keming Du, founder of EdgeWave GmbH, was awarded the Arthur L. Schawlow Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions… (more)

Ready Steady Go! - 30s Bike Challenge 15 Oct 2015
The Photonic Solutions’ 30 second bike Challenge 2015 winner has been crowned. Sam Thienel won this year’s 30 second bike Challenge with an amazing result… (more)

New Ultrafast OPA from Light Conversion - Orpheus One. 28 Aug 2015
New ultrafast OPA, the Orpheus One is designed and configured for generating mid-IR wavelengths with twice the efficiency of the standard Orpheus. Comes with excellent… (more)

JDSU became Lumentum 01 Aug 2015
JDSU Communications and Commercial Optical Products became Lumentum.Following the separation, which was completed 1st August 2015, JDSU officially split into Viavi Solutions and Lumentum Holdings… (more)

Cutting Edge Optronics Wins Innovation Award 07 Jul 2015
Congratulations to Northrop Grumman – Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) on winning the Innovation Award. The CLEO 2015 co-sponsors (APS, IEEE Photonics Society, The Optical Society) and… (more)

Save up to 33% on Ocean Optics’ spectrometer 04 Jun 2015
Don't miss out on the opportunity and save up to 33% on NEW application-ready spectrometer systems! This offer ends 3rd July 2015. Ocean Optics have packaged… (more)

We are moving! 02 Jun 2015
We are quite excited to announce, that after 16 years, we are moving to the new premises.  From Friday 12th June 2015 our new address will… (more)

First Optical Frequency Comb in Space 24 Apr 2015
The German Space Agency’s TEXUS 51 sounding rocket has been successfully launched on April 23, 2015 at 09:35 CEST from the ESRANGE space center in… (more)

New High Power Optical Parametric Amplifier 22 Apr 2015
Orpheus HP is a modified version of the Orpheus OPA, with UV-VIS tuning range frequency mixers integrated into a thermally stabilised monolithic housing and capable… (more)

NKT Photonics' Supercontinuum sources go violently violet 22 Apr 2015
With the introduction of the new violet SuperK EXTREME EXU series of supercontinuum sources from NKT Photonics, you now have access to diffraction limited laser… (more)

New Femtosecond Fiber Laser at 780nm 24 Mar 2015
Menlo Systems are proud to launch the brand new ELMO 780nm source, offering >50mW of sub-100fs pulses at 780nm in an extremely compact footprint, and… (more)

10W/10uJ Femtosecond Laser 03 Feb 2015
The robust and stable BlueCut femtosecond laser from Menlo Systems is an industrial-grade microjoule fiber laser system, designed especially for micro material processing.At Photonics West… (more)

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