We Are Hiring 23 Oct 2023
We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join us as a Laser Service Engineer. You will be: testing, installing, repairing and customising a range of… (more)

Get Your FREE Photonex Ticket HERE 25 Aug 2023
EXHIBITION PASS Come and meet us in GlasgowBooth #110 Technology from all our manufacturers will be on display at this FREE event — simply register for a… (more)

Carry on QuAMPing 25 Aug 2023
Join us at this year's Quantum, Atomic and Molecular Physics Conference in Glasgow. We're thrilled to be sponsoring this fantastic event once again. We're excited to be… (more)

Photonics News straight to your inbox 28 Jun 2023
Keep up to date with the world of Photonic Solutions. Our laser-focused newsletter gives you a 2 minute quick-read of everything that's going on. From new products… (more)

Representing APE in the UK for over 18 years 15 Jun 2023
We have been proudly representing APE in the UK for over 18 years. Recently, we were asked to contribute to the new APE newsletter, talking about… (more)

Apre Instruments joins our portfolio 11 Jun 2023
State-of-the-art high-resolution interferometers. Now available in the UK exclusively through Photonic Solutions. Are your optical metrology systems giving you just enough? Today you’re marginally meeting standards. But what… (more)

Photonic Solutions Product Catalogue 2023 09 Jun 2023
Hot off the presses, the Photonic Solutions Product Catalogue 2023. With more detail and information than ever before, you will find the solution for you. Find the… (more)

Let There Be Light 11 May 2023
Harnessing the sun's energy in an environmental way is crucial for humanity's advancement. Perovskite solar cell technology and solar simulators are key to this. Catalina Dobas has… (more)

New OPO Lasers from Quantel 23 Mar 2023
Lumibird by Quantel’s new Peackock 532 and primoScan OPO Lasers are now available through Photonic Solutions. (more)

To Quantum and Beyond... 16 Mar 2023
Quantum phenomena are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, even if we don’t realise it. Look around you right now. We can wait… I promise you that… (more)

Try The NIREOS SPIDER For Free 22 Feb 2023
Are you looking for a new broadband photodetector for your laboratory? Don’t miss the opportunity to try the NIREOS SPIDER for free! The SPIDER is an… (more)

NKT Photonics' Newest Fiber Laser 25 Jan 2023
NKT Photonics presents their brand-new fiber laser for barium ion excitation at 1762.17 nm, the Koheras ADJUSTIK HP T20. The Koheras ADJUSTIK HP T20 is designed specifically… (more)

Lock-in Amplifiers that measure microwaves 15 Sep 2022
Zurich Instruments' new GHFLI and SHFLI bring the advantages of lock-in detection – noise rejection, phase sensitivity, frequency tracking and more – to the GHz… (more)

We Bring You LED Sunlight From G2V! 21 Jul 2022
A changing world calls for big ideas. Challenges require ingenuity. If you’re trying to answer the most challenging questions of tomorrow, you need vision. You need light. We are… (more)

Implementing spectroscopy for wider and more niche applications 18 Nov 2021
Live Webinar - Tue, Nov 30, 2021 3:00 PM GMT in parternship with Electro-Optics magazine. Photonic Solutions are sponsoring a live webinar in conjunction with Electro-Optics… (more)

GEMINI - Pump Probe White Paper 03 Jun 2021
GEMINI - Pump Probe White Paper is now available for free download from Electro Optics website. The GEMINI interferometer from Nireos enables an innovative approach to broadband… (more)

CRONUS-3P - Laser Source for Advanced Nonlinear Microscopy 01 Mar 2021
CRONUS-3P Laser Source developed for Three-Photon Microscopy is now available in UK!  We are very excited to announce that Light Conversion has launching an ultrafast source based… (more)

Mirsense 10–17µm QCL selected as 2021 Prism Award finalist 11 Jan 2021
Mirsense groundbreaking new 10 – 17 microns DFB quantum cascade laser product line has been selected by 30 judges as one of the top three finalists… (more)

Merry Christmas from the team at Photonic Solutions 23 Dec 2020
The team at Photonic Solutions would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021! Thank you to all… (more)

Groundbreaking new QCL wavelength range from 10µm to 17µm 19 Oct 2020
The UniMir line of narrow linewidth Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL Series) from mirSense are now available in groundbreaking new wavelengths, including 11.3µm, 13.4µm, 14µm, and… (more)

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