Lock-in Amplifiers that measure microwaves

Microwave Lock-in Amplifieres

Zurich Instruments' new GHFLI and SHFLI bring the advantages of lock-in detection – noise rejection, phase sensitivity, frequency tracking and more – to the GHz range

As the trend toward smaller devices and higher frequencies continues, faster reliable measurements become more and more important.

Zurich Instruments, regarded as the world leader in lock-in amplifiers, have developed two new microwave lock-in-amplifiers that offer reliable measurements of smaller and faster signals up to 8.5GHz.

The new GHFLI and SHFLI are the trailblazers that bring state-of-the-art signal generation, analysis, and control to microwaves. They combine the measurement speed and high noise rejection of lock-in amplifiers with a full microwave measurement suite that includes an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser, a parametric sweeper, and more, reducing complexity for scientists and engineers.

We are delighted to partner with Zurich instruments to bring these two new products to our customers here in the UK and Ireland.

Watch the Zurich Instruments webinar on how the new microwave lock-in amplifiers can help you measure your signal’s amplitude and phase fast with the best signal-to-noise ratio and how their measurement suite helps you set up and monitor your experiments below. 

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