We Bring You LED Sunlight From G2V!

A changing world calls for big ideas.

Challenges require ingenuity.

If you’re trying to answer the most challenging questions of tomorrow, you need vision. You need light.

We are delighted to announce that we are adding to our portfolio of solar simulator capabilities by representing G2V and bringing their most advanced sunlight replication LED products to our customers here in the UK and Ireland.

LEDs are solid-state devices that require minimal maintenance, nor do they have hazards related to pressurised gas lamps. LED solar simulators provide enhanced functionality including dynamic output that enables a greater breadth of research capabilities in a wide variety of fields such as solar energy (photovoltaics), aerospace, photochemistry, material testing, wearables, and more.

G2V Optics is an emerging global leader in smart, precision lighting and is dedicated to creating enabling technologies to power & feed the world of tomorrow. G2V currently provides technology solutions to world-leading research institutions, technology, and aerospace companies in over 25 countries.

We will bring G2V's solar simulator product lines to enable our customers to develop solutions for a more sustainable built world.

Read our blog about why to choose LED over Xenon solar simulators here

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