CRONUS-3P - Laser Source for Advanced Nonlinear Microscopy

CRONUS-3P Laser Source developed for Three-Photon Microscopy is now available in UK! 

We are very excited to announce that Light Conversion has launching an ultrafast source based on optical parametric amplifier (OPA) technology developed specifically for advanced nonlinear microscopy.

It provides μJ-level sub-85 fs pulses at repetition rates of up to 2 MHz and tunable from 1.25 to 1.8 μm, thus covering the biological transparency windows at 1.3 μm and 1.7 μm for three-photon microscopy. CRONUS-3P has integrated group delay dispersion (GDD) compensation, ensuring optimal pulse duration at the sample, and optional automated beam steering to guarantee laser pointing stability.

Detailed CRONUS-3P description and datasheet can be found here.

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