Supercontinuum lasers are back and even better!


We are so pleased to join forces once more with NKT Photonics to offer their SuperK supercontinuum product line to the UK life science market. Many will know we previously supported NKT Photonics to grow the install base of SuperK EXTREME and SuperK COMPACT here in the UK, but now, as NKT Photonics strive for an even greater level of support to the UK bioimaging community, we are back on board to offer sales, installation and service support from our facility here in Edinburgh.

To add to our excitement, we want to share with you the great news that NKT are launching the successor to their best-selling SuperK EXTREME - the SuperK FIANIUM. Available in three versions FIU-6, FIU-15 and FIR-20, all with the option for variable repetition rate down to 150kHz as standard, the SuperK FIANIUM targets the scientific user market. It's modular design ensures short delivery time, faster upgrades and repairs. NKT define the SuperK FIANIUM as “The future-proof choice for innovators".

Access all the details of the SuperK FIANIUM here.

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