UV Mars Solar Simulator

We are very pleased to announce that we have just installed our first in UK, custom made, Martian Solar Simulator, manufactured by our partner in Canada, Sciencetech. This system was designed and built to meet very specific requirements and emulate the conditions on Mars:

  • 0.43 Suns to emulate Mars Spectrum
  • Deep UV C IR spectrum (200nm 1100nm )
  • Option for removing IR position of the spectrum
  • High spatial uniformity

It also needed to match specific technical requirements:

  • Custom Target area and Working distance
  • Flexibility to use AM1.5G filter to get Earth spectrum
  • Use of ND filter
  • Ozone removal system
  • Specific dimensions to fit Vacuum Chamber

We used a combination of filters, carefully calculated working distance and adjusted the power to achieve exact 0.43 suns over the required 6cm diameter illumination area. To cover the deep UV part of the spectrum we used an ozone producing Xenon bulb which required the installation of an ozone removing system for safety operation. This Solar Simulator also comes with selection of filters: IR water filter and cooler to remove the IR portion of the spectrum, and AM1.5G filter for flexibility to get an Earth spectrum. Moreover, this system was built to the specific size to fit to the customer’s vacuum chamber.

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