3DOptix revolutionises the optomechanical industry

We are very excited to be partnering with 3DOptix to offer their innovative mounting platform - the Breadbox™. The new platform extends the entire optical table into the vertical dimension creating a truly three-dimensional precise grid with discrete locations for the optical elements. 3DOptix compatible optical mounts create a Virtual 3D Cage System above your entire optical table with the same accuracy as any traditional cage system, yet with much higher agility and flexibility.

3DOptix has a variety of Breadbox™ & extendable breadboard frame configurations to choose from, along with a range of optomechanical mounts that are mounted precisely with the optical elements always centred exactly above the fixation locations.

Additionally, you can choose from a collection of predefined bundles of 3DOptix™ frames and mounts to get the parts needed in order to assemble any one of several optical applications.

Here is just one of the many videos demonstrating the features and capabilities of the 3DOptix optomechanical portfolio.

Check out our Videos section on our website where you can see the full complement of videos, or you can view them on the 3DOptics product pages.

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