We now represent Oxxius!

At the beginning of 2016, Photonic Solutions has been appointed as the UK and Ireland distributor for Oxxius. Oxxius offers a unique range of extremely stable and reliable Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers DPSS (LMX and LCX series) along with Stabilized Laser Diode Modules (LBX series).

The key to the superior Oxxius performance is their patented Alignment-free Monolithic Resonator, enabling the highest spectral quality on the market with high stability and robustness over time. Due to the highly efficient design of the resonator, Oxxius are able to provide much higher powers than their competitors from the same compact, industry standard package. Oxxius are also able to house the controller inside the same laser package, making it a true one-box system, gaining even further advantage over the competition.

These lasers provide superior beam quality, excellent stability, and are truly single mode with outstanding wavelength stability. They are insensitive to temperature variation and mechanical vibrations. The lasers are meeting cutting-edge requirements in applications such as Flow Cytometry, Super Resolution Imaging, Fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, non-destructive testing and metrology.
Along with DPSS and Laser Diodes, Oxxius offers a very popular, compact Laser Combiner, which can integrate up to 6 LaserBoxx DPSS and Diode Modules.
Oxxius also offer rugged and compact fiber coupling options to couple LBX/LMX into Polarization Maintaining, Single Mode or Multimode fibers.

As one of very few on the market Oxxius also offer customisation of their DPSS lasers and Laser diodes. They can offer power adjustment, wavelength selection, customised wavelengths, different opto-mechanical subassemblies and extend the operational temperature range. If you have any unique requirements for such lasers please get in touch with us now to discuss the details.

We are really excited to be able to offer Oxxius products to our customers!

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